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What is Ready Steady Care?

Ready Steady Care is your comprehensive Age-Friendly Community Directory. We pride ourselves in guiding you towards services that enable an enriching and fulfilling later life throughout communities in the United Kingdom. Our mission is to empower individuals to age well and live a meaningful life in their later years, fostering a sense of belonging and engagement in their local community.

Ready Steady Care is a part of the rapidly expanding UK Network of Age-friendly Communities, committed to improving the lives of nearly 25 million people. We work hand in hand with cities and communities across the nation, from Greater Manchester to Cardiff, all striving to make their community a more welcoming and accommodating place for the ageing population.

Our website acts as a gateway to services which resonate with the Age-friendly Communities framework established by the World Health Organisation in 2007. We provide a directory of businesses, local groups, and services which have been identified as meeting the needs of older people in both physical and social environments. This includes a wide range of services encompassing transport, outdoor spaces, volunteering, employment opportunities, and leisure and community services.

We also provide a platform for sharing success stories and examples of innovative initiatives that have contributed to making their area a better place to age in. These real-world examples offer inspiration and ideas for communities seeking to enhance their own age-friendly approaches.

At Ready Steady Care, we believe in the power of collaboration to create vibrant, resilient, and age-friendly communities. We invite you to explore our directory, learn from our resources, and join us in our endeavour to create a UK where everyone can age with dignity, confidence, and happiness. Welcome to the journey towards a better later life.

Please note: Access to reliable form of transportation and the ability to work some weekends are requirements for this role.